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Enemy Attacks

Story of the Attack... At about 1138 in the target area a FW 190, silver, with dark stripe around the fuselage behind the cockpit, doing a slow roll pealed off attacked our aircraft. From my turret I tracked him and when he approached from 2 o'clock high, coming in to 600 yards flying a pursuit curve, I opened fire. There were 50 or 60 rounds fired into E/A from start of attack with coming in to within 100 feet of our ship, after which he went over the right wing and rudder and then flipped over onto his back and spiraled down with black smoke trailing from the plane.

Story of the Attack... Near Salzwedel, Germany a group of FW 190 attacked the #3 on our left from 10 o'clock low and passed between #3 and a our ship at about our level. The nose turret fired about 40 rounds as it approached and hits were seen on outer left wing.. I fired two short bursts from the Top Turret and swung around and picked him up as he passed behind our ship. He was smoking. I fired in a burst about 80 rounds as he broke to the right and a few pieces of cowling and canopy flew in the whole off. His engine was on fire. He pulled up in a stall and fell off straight down. He passed within 100 feet of our ship. Four P-38's were behind him and I think one of them followed him down to the deck. The FW 190 was silver.

.Story of the Attack... Twelve to 15 FW 190's attacked the group in front of us, coming through the middle of the formation. One of the planes did a half roll over the planes in our formation and did a split "S" in front of our nose at 12 o'clock. Beteen the time he was 100 yards out until he broke under our nose at 50 feet. I fired a total of 60 rounds. I saw pieces flying off the E/A. S/Sgt Cantrell, left waist gunner in #2 ship in our flight saw the plane smoking and spinning and disappeared into the smokescreen which had been laid over the target area. The E/A was silver.

Story of the Attack... At 1100 at about (5250-1120) three Me109's attacked our formation from about 12 o'clock. They came in singly in file, flying through the #2 flight of the Squadron in front of ours. The first one was silver and yellow, red and blue stripes along the fuselage. He came straight for our left wing but from my position I could not fire at him until he had dipped under our wing and came up again. He was not much over 50 ft way from our left wing when I started firing (about 25 rounds in all) into the cowling and fuselage. He started to smoke almost immediately from the engine and was last seen by the tail gunner spinning towards the ground with black smoke pouring out of him. He was still spinning violently when he disappeared into a cloudbank about 3000 ft below.

Story of the Attack... A FW 190 came in from 12 o'clock with guns blazing, firing at ship on right. He then dove down to left from 4 o'clock to six o'clock and was about 400 yards away when I fired about fifty rounds raking the entire nose and cockpit. The ship spun around and went out of control spiraling down with black smoke coming out of the ship. It appeared that pilot of E/A attempted to open hatch for parachuting. The ship was all black. No fighters were in the area.

Storyof Attack...At about 1040 one FW 190 attacked at about 1 0'clock high across our nose. I started firing at eleven o'clock level and continued firing in bursts until out of range at 7 0'clock. Two P-38's were gaining, approaching his tail. When last seen were 25 yards away from enemy ship, Smoke and flame were seen by Sgt Leeth (LW) but I was unable to see the results of firing due to p-38's blockking my vision. The ship vired upon was silver-red streaked. Closed to 200 yards; bullets hit engine and cockppit at 8 o'clock; blurred view of fighter..Lost sight when A/C passed behind tail with 2 P-38's on his tail. .