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AC 41-28730

Pilot John P Gavin

Angus TG
Allen N
Atley B
Baize RO
Billeter CP
Gavin P
Hinkbeine G
Kuhns E
Russell BT
Sager G

A/C 41-28730 Shot down near Berlin on Mission #16
29 April 1944

This plane carried a normal complement of the (10). It is believed that this plane held its position, bombed and was finally knocked-out around 1330 hours somewhere between Dummer Lake area and the Dutch border. No specific identification of the plane was made but two (2) of our crews (Lt SHOUP and Lt DRISCOLL) reported a plane in the rear squadron falling out at about 1330 hrs. Lt SHOUP's crew saw one parachute, Lt DRISCOLL's crew saw four (4) parachutes and in addition Lt BRYSON's crew and Lt McGiverin's crew saw a B-24 going down at the same time and at approximately the same area with eight (8) parachutes opening. At about this time and place 12 FW 190's and 15 Me 109's attacked the formation.

Captured .........Held at Dulag Luft

Sgt John B. Angus

T/Sgt Eugene J . Kuhns

S/Sgt Vernon M. Baize

2nd Lt Linton A. Allen

1st Lt John P. Gavin

2nd Lt Frank T. Billeter

Buried at Community Cemetery Essel, Germany

2nd Lt Duane E Atley Grave #1

Sgt Glenn T. Hinkbein Grave #2

Sgt Leoonard G. Sager Grave #3

Sgt Raymond T. Russell Grave #4

Berlin Mission