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S-2 Report

Mission Narrative

1. Nil
2. First Squadron, 14 A/C, Berlin, SAV shows bombs dropped over partially built up area approximately 6 miles S of MPI, visibility prevented observation by crews.

...Second Squadron, 11 A/C, Berlin, SAV shows bombs approximately in same area. Results unobserved.
...3 A/C failed to attack, one jettisoning his bombs on Germany after being hit by enemy action before reaching target, one jettisoning in N. Sea after turning back due to engine trouble.

3. Attacking E/A: A number of continuous attacks were experienced from 1102-1112 hours between Wittenberg and Havelburg by about 26 FW 190 and 10 ME 109. Both types simulated escort tactics or passed the formation along the line of flight in a queue, moving ahead of the formations and attacking in trail or abreast from 10-2 o'clock high, level or below passing through the formations or breaking away above or below.
Attacks were very aggressive. From our position which was next to the last in the CW, E/A appeared to hit the first wing low, flying through each wing, hit the next high, the next low, etc. reforming the queue, moving ahead and repeating this attack. Their line of flight was like a roller coaster from the front to the rear of the division.
Decoys were also used. One ship was lost to these tactics. One crew repotted four ME 109's were dark blue with yellow cowlings, FW 190's were silver with yellow band behind the cockpit. one FW 190 had a red spinner. Several FW 190's were gray with black spinners.

...In the target area four ME 109's attacked at 1143 hours from below at 12 o'clock. E/A attacked in trail of four ships.
...From Steinhuder to just W of Lummer Lakes about 12 FW 190's and 15 ME 109's attacked between 1325 -1340 hours using the same tactics as sited above, in the Wittenberg area. Crews reported that ME 109's fired cannon which had a flash larger than a 20 mm. Two b-24's were damaged and are unaccounted for. Roller coaster tactics were used from 12 and six o'clock. ME 109's were drab and grayish two FW 189's were black.

...Non-Attacking A/C: 20 T/E were seen near Celle at 1040 hours flying at an altitude of about 8,000 feet going NE. About 100-120 S/E A/C were seen between Dummer Lake-Berlin-Dummer Lake. These were not attacking the wing but were either in a position to do so or were engaged by friendly fighters.

...Air to air bombing was reported. 6 FW 190's passed over the formation to a position on the line of flight, peeled off in trail and dove to about 1,000 feet over the formation ahead at which point they pulled up releasing a bomb. The bomb burst with white smoke just above the formation, two B-24's appeared to be hit. Time and place unknown.


5. Mission unaffected
6. Many but ineffective smoke screens in target area , also some "scarecrows" dark gray with pink and red flames. 3 rockets with white trails burst at altitude and spiraled down. A light orange beam of light was seen over Berlin which moved across the sky and then faded out.
Weak smoke screen seen at Stendel, Osnabruck and Havelbruck.

4. A/A to target. Moderate and accurate, particularly intense and accurate in Hanover area. At target A/A was very intense and very accurate. From target A/A generally moderate and accurate except Dummer Lake region where it was intense and accurate.
...1 A/C was seen to leave the formation prior to the target and 2/A/C in the target area. These have not returned as of 30/2040 and are presumed to be lost.

7. Fair fighter support to target , little or none seen on way out.


1 B-24, 5252-1250, going down in smoke, 4 chutes, 1100 from 23,500 ft.
1 B-24, Berlin, headed north under control, 1147 from 23,500 ft.
1 P-51, 5235-0658, spinning down, 1332 from 23,500 ft.
1 B-24, 5237-0955 out of control, 2 chutes, 1103 from 25,000 ft.
1 B-24, 5230-0850 out of control, 4 chutes, 1300 from 18,000 ft.
1 B-17, 5230-0850, Exploded, 1301 from 18,000 ft.
2 B-24, Volkel, out of control, 1 in flames, 6 chutes, 132236 from 19,500 ft.
2 B-24, Hanover, out of control, 1 burning, 1132 from 25000 ft.
1 B-24 S of Zuider Zee, #1 engine; on fire, under control, 8 chutes 1327, 19500 ft.
Effectiveness of PFF not definitely known.

Battle damage. Cat. A&AC 12, Cat. b 2, Cat. E 3 A/C lost over Germany.
Personnel casualties: 32 missing over Germany, 1 missing over channel.